Don’t Forget to Visit Greenwood Village

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Colorado cities? More than likely, you think of Denver and the mile high city is certainly one of the most popular areas in that entire region. If you’re looking for something interesting to do in the area, however, you may want to set your sights just south of the city of Denver to a smaller area that is known as Greenwood Village. It has a lot to offer for those who live there and for those who make it a vacation destination.

Greenwood Village was first settled in the mid-1800s thanks to a gold rush at the meeting of the South Platte River and Cherry Creek. During that time, many people came in search of gold in the hopes of getting rich but there was also an opportunity for farmers and those who grew orchards to take advantage of the influx of people as well. Since those early beginnings, the city was incorporated and it is now a beautiful area with plenty of open space to enjoy.

One of the unique things about Greenwood Village is the fact that it is so close to the city but it still gives you the feel as if it were in the country. Inside the area of Greenwood Village you will find more than 100 acres of open space that has been undeveloped and there are over 300 acres of parkland that are specifically set aside for that purpose. This means that you don’t need to leave the city in order to enjoy biking, hiking or just taking a scenic, casual stroll. There are over 40 miles of trail systems that you can enjoy.

It doesn’t matter if you are coming to the area to be close to Denver or simply to take in what Greenwood Village has to offer, it’s a vacation that you won’t soon forget.


Dentist turns Star Wars trench run into a laser root canal

Somewhere in a dentist’s office far, far away, Dr. J. Steven Abernathy is marshaling the rebel forces to launch a root canal procedure. The Arkansas laser dentistry specialist released a Star Wars spoof video last week that makes the dreaded treatment feel like a rollicking sci-fi adventure.

The video, brought to our attention by Geekologie, drops Abernathy, wearing a very un-Jedi Hawaiian shirt, into the 1977 "Star Wars" movie scene where the forces of good plan the trench-run attack on Darth Vader’s Death Star.

"Lasers aren’t just for X-wings anymore," Abernathy declares as he sells the benefits of using laser technology for root canals.

The video isn’t content to stop there. We get a snippet of the actual trench run with Abernathy as the pilot. He then hangs out with Han Solo and Chewbacca before receiving a hero’s welcome from Princess Leia.

The combination of Star Wars scenes with dental jargon and images makes for a weirdly entertaining experience. Hang around till the end for a wink-wink reference to the much-maligned "Star Wars Holiday Special."

Abernathy is no stranger to adventure. He has a colorful background as a pilot, sailor, presidential historian and writer of five novels. He also teaches the latest laser techniques for root canals. Now he can add "Jedi" to his list of accomplishments.

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Doolin Haddad Advanced Dentistry strengthens long-standing community relationship with Older Persons’ Commission (OPC)

Doolin Haddad Advanced Dentistry, a Rochester, Michigan, dental practice focusing on cosmetic, implant and restorative dentistry, is pleased to continue its support of the Older Persons’ Commission (OPC) as a silver sponsor of the Senior Expo on Wednesday, October 4. The OPC is one of the nation’s largest senior centers serving residents age 50+ from Rochester, Rochester Hills and Oakland Township.

According to Dr. Jeff Haddad, the dental practice will showcase an exhibit about the importance that consistent and positive dental health practices can have on an aging population.

“Overall quality of life depends on good oral health. Regular dental check-ups and preventative measures keep one’s teeth and gums healthy and high functioning,” Dr. Haddad said. “If that hasn’t been a lifelong practice, individuals need to reconsider the role that regular dental visits should play in their health and well-being as they age.”

In addition to sponsorships, Doolin Haddad Advanced Dentistry has presented to OPC members about specific topics in dental health. In June, Dr. Marco Tironi spoke to the OPC “Low Vision Group” about the overall health benefits that can be derived from good oral health. Dr. Tironi, along with Dr. Kurt Doolin and Dr. Haddad, have another presentation planned at the OPC on the evening of Wednesday, November 29 about what modern dentistry entails. Details of that event will be released closer to the date.

“Our Doolin Haddad dentists enjoy engaging with the ‘senior’ residents in our community through the OPC. It’s a great community forum for educating individuals who want to learn more about maintaining their health and well-being as they grow older,” Dr. Haddad said.

Visit the Doolin Haddad exhibit at the 50+ Senior Expo on Oct. 4, from 9 a.m.–3 p.m. at the OPC, 650 Letica Drive in Rochester. The Expo, which is free and open to the public, will feature more than 70 exhibitors on health and wellness, nutrition, retirement living, financial planning, technology, travel and more. Click here for more information.

The OPC is Michigan’s premier community center dedicated to the physical, intellectual and emotional well-being of residents who are 50+. In addition to “Meals on Wheels,” the OPC offers many resources through its Health and Wellness Department, Adult Day Services, support groups and much more. All of the services offered by the OPC are designed to help individuals 50 and older age in place, stay connected to the community around them, and maintain their independence. For more information on the OPC, visit, become a fan on Facebook or call 248-656-1403.

Doolin Haddad Advanced Dentistry was founded in Rochester in 1990 by Dr. Kurt Doolin. Dr. Jeff Haddad joined the practice in 2002. In addition to their dental school training, both Drs. Doolin and Haddad are fellows of The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies and lecture nationally on implants, TMJ, and restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Marco Tironi, D.D.S. joined Doolin Haddad Advanced Dentistry in 2013; the practice has 13 team members. Discover Health. Discover Happiness. Discover How. DiscoverDH. To learn more, visit

Rochester-Rochester Hills Event Calendar for Friday, Feb 2

Rochester-Rochester Hills Event Calendar for

Rochester-Rochester Hills Event Calendar for

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Greenwood Village street floods after water main break

GREENWOOD VILLAGE – Firefighters worked to protect a Greenwood Village home from damage after a water main broke on Wednesday morning.

The water main broke shortly before 9 a.m. at Crestridge and Pemberton drives, according to South Metro Fire Rescue.

Video from the agency shows firefighters using dirt and shovels to block the water from a home’s driveway.

Firefighters working diligently to protect a home in Greenwood Village from a water main break at Crestridge Dr and Pemberton Dr.

— SouthMetroFireRescue (@SouthMetroPIO) August 30, 2017

Denver Water has since shut off water supply to the break, causing water to recede in the area.

No injuries, or damage to homes was reported.

© 2017 KUSA-TV

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How to cope with your fear of the dentist

According to healthcare group Bupa, around one in 10 UK adults suffers from extreme dental anxiety – the kind of fear that makes you tremble, sweat, feel sick and can bring on panic attacks.

Ondontophobia, to use the correct medical term, is a serious condition that increases the sufferer’s risk of gum disease (gingivitis), tooth decay and oral cancer, simply because they avoid going to the dentist unless it’s absolutely essential – and a proportion of these, who are known as dentally phobic, never go at all, choosing to endure the pain of cavities and chipped or broken teeth rather than take their chances in the dentist’s chair.

"For those with who are dentally phobic, it’s unlikely they’d get near the surgery, let alone allow a dentist to look in their mouths," says Professor Gerald Humphris, a clinical researcher into dental phobia from the University of St Andrews. "It can be a problem that’s very deep-seated, often triggered by a bad experience in childhood, and requires sensitive and careful handling from a sympathetic dentist who’s prepared to spend time with a nervous patient. Sufferers may also need sessions with a clinical psychologist or psychotherapist to uncover the root of the problem and help change they way they think about dental treatment."

Professor Humphris is part of a research team who devised the Modified Dental Anxiety Scale (MDAS), a five-point questionnaire designed to screen for and assess levels of dental anxiety. "The score can range from five to 25, with a score of 19 or more indicating someone who is extremely dentally anxious," he says. Nearly 12% of the 11,382 adults who participated in the survey showed levels of high dental anxiety, indicating it’s a problem for a significant number of adults across the population as a whole – in other words, if this sounds like you, you’re not alone.

There are ways to overcome the distress of extreme dental anxiety, however, without having to resort to sedation every time you go for a check-up (some nervous patients do request this, "but the risks attached to general anaesthetic and the fact it does nothing to address the root of the fear means it’s not an appropriate option," says Professor Humphris). "It’s vitally important that you discuss your anxiety with your dentist, and build up a relationship of trust," he continues.

"A sympathetic dentist will stage the treatment. That means you’ll talk about what will happen during a check-up or appointment first and simple, easy procedures come next, to help break through the fear hierarchy. With time and patience more complicated treatments can be successfully completed."

5 ways to overcome dental anxiety

Not knowing or understanding what’s going to happen during a certain procedure will only add to your fear, so research as much as you can and make sure you have all your questions answered by your dentist, says consultant health psychologist and hypnotherapist Dr Sue Peacock, from BMI The Saxon Clinic. "If needs be, book in a 10 or 15 minute phone consultation before your actual appointment," she adds.

Retain an element of control

Agree signals pre-treatment that will help you feel less anxious in the chair – for instance, if you feel panic rising, you’ll hold up your hand and be able to take a break until you feel calmer again. "It helps to know that you can take things at your pace, and encourages you to trust your dentist," says Dr Peacock.

Use breathing techniques to help you feel calmer

"There are many breathing techniques which can help you but this is one of my favourites," says Dr Peacock. "Breathe in through your nose, pushing out your tummy as you do so, for the count of seven. Then breathe out through your mouth for the count of 11. Keep going for a few minutes. It will slow your whole system down and you will feel calmer."

Relax tense muscles

This simple exercise works wonders, and the more you do it, the more effective it is. "Starting with your feet, tense all the muscles and hold that tension for 10 seconds before suddenly letting go," says Dr Peacock. "Move up to your calves and repeat, then your thighs, bottom, abdomen, shoulders and arms. By tensing and releasing all the major muscle groups you become aware of just how much tension you’re holding in your body and how much more relaxed you feel physically and mentally when it’s released."

Go on a mini mind holiday

Ah yes – the good old happy place. "Conjure up in your mind the place where you feel happiest and at your most relaxed," says Dr Peacock. "It can be a memory of somewhere you love or you can create your very own utopia. Use all your senses to make it as real as you can – make the colours bright, the sounds clear and set the temperature to how you feel most comfortable. When you’re completely happy with your environment, imagine yourself stepping into it. Make yourself enter the scene so you are now central to it. Spend some time there. Enjoy yourself on your mini mind holiday. Practice this for a couple of weeks before an appointment you’re nervous about and it will be easier to transport yourself there when you’re in the dentist’s chair. The time will fly by and you will feel calmer and more relaxed."

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Broncos 49ers joint practice Day 2: Live blog, Twitter feed, and more

The San Francisco 49ers have a “No Tweet” policy during practice, but there are a flurry of updates before and after practice that will be important to see. The bay area media members were completely unimpressed by the Denver Broncos quarterback situation and one noted that Jamaal Charles looks ‘done’ out there.

Meanwhile, the Denver media said Paxton Lynch won the practice yesterday, although Trevor Siemian finished strong. Hopefully the Broncos offense looks a little better today than it did yesterday.

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Denver Broncos’ Playoff Odds: Team Not Among Betting Favorites In 2017 Season

The Denver Broncos are one night away from their first preseason game of the 2017 NFL season, looking to bounce back from a disappointing finish seven months ago. The team followed up their Super Bowl season by missing the playoffs, unable to defend their championship in the postseason.

Denver faces an even greater challenge to reach the 2018 NFL playoffs. With both the Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs going 12-4 last season, the AFC West is probably the best division in football, and the odds are against the Broncos making it back to the postseason.

READ: Super Bowl In Play For Oakland Raiders

The Broncos are currently projected to finish in third place in the AFC West. The Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook gives Denver +210 betting odds to make the playoffs and -260 odds to miss the postseason. Oakland and Kansas City are odds-on favorites to reach the playoffs, and the Los Angeles Chargers have almost the exact same odds as Denver, though they are ranked as the No.4 team in the division.

A playoff run for Denver certainly isn’t out of the question. The team managed to finish above .500 with a 9-7 record in 2016, and the Broncos’ season likely would’ve lasted more than 16 games if they played in the NFC.

It was an unfamiliar feeling for Broncos’ fans since the team had been in the playoffs in each of the previous five years. Denver had won at least 12 games in four straight years, reaching two Super Bowls and winning the title in February 2016.

With Peyton Manning’s retirement came a setback. Trevor Siemian took over the reins at starting quarterback, finishing in the bottom third of the league in several major categories. Denver’s defense took a step back from being one of the most dominant units in recent memory, and the result was a single-digit win season.

It isn’t clear who will be Denver’s starting quarterback in Week 1. After throwing for 3,401 yards, 18 touchdowns, 10 interceptions and an 84.6 passer rating in 14 games, Siemian will compete with Paxton Lynch for the No.1 spot on the depth chart.

After Lynch was taken No.26 overall by the Broncos in the 2016 draft, he posted a 79.2 passer rating in three games. If Denver wants to return to the playoffs, one of the two quarterbacks will have to be improved in 2017.

Trevor Siemian, pictured walking off the field after defeating the Oakland Raiders 24-6 at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on Jan. 1, 2017 in Denver, will need to be improved if the Denver Broncos want to make the NFL playoffs. Photo: Getty Images

“I can’t tell exactly when, but probably a week or so I just kind of felt a little more comfortable, like things were clicking for me and I got a big-picture thought of how we’re trying to attack scheme and defenses,” Siemian said Tuesday, via The Denver Post. “I just felt comfortable … getting going and also getting a feel for all the guys. First, second, third (team), it doesn’t matter — just getting a feel for how guys run, what they do well and I think we’re all in a good spot right now.”

Denver certainly doesn’t need a superstar quarterback to win games. Just look at what happened in 2015 when Peyton Manning was a shell of his old self and arguably the worst starting signal caller in the league.

The Broncos’ defense will be good enough to keep them competitive in most games, though exactly how dominant they are will decide how far they go.

Von Miller is arguably the best defensive player in the league. Aqib Talib and Chris Harris Jr. might give Denver the NFL’s No.1 starting cornerback tandem. Even after taking a small step back in 2016, the Broncos still ranked fourth in both points allowed and total defense.

Siemian and Lynch have plenty of weapons to work with on the offensive end. Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders are coming off three straight 1,000-yard seasons, and the combination of C.J. Anderson and Jamaal Charles should give Denver a formidable backfield.

Denver is scheduled to play in the last game of Week 1, visiting the Los Angeles Chargers on Monday, Sept. 11.

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Fun Things To Do In Colorado

Whether you are a resident of Colorado or a visitor, you may be wondering what fun things there are to do around the place. Here are some of the most fun things to do on Colorado.

Enjoy The Botanic Gardens
If you are a lover of plants then you will enjoy the Denver Botanic Gardens. This place has a wide range of flowers in the area. You can stroll in the large garden feeling the breeze through the daisies and the lillies.

Benson Park Sculpture Garden.
This park is ideal for art lovers. It has a numerous collection of sculptures by various sculptors. You can walk through the place to get a sense of the life-like sculptures in the garden and appreciate the art. If you plan on visiting the place in mid-August then you will be glad to know that there is a sculpture show involving sculptors from all over America.

Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine
This place has tunnles and shafts from the late 19th century. It is a good place for an adventurous soul and any lover of history. The best part is that you get to go down a thousand feet below ground and see the conditions. There are several tour guides whose families have been in the area for generations and they will be glad to take you back in time to the mining days.

Telluride Mountain Village
This place is amazing especially since it has different types of transportation through the village. During winter you can ski and snowboard. There is also an option of mountain bike riding. The view from the top is amazing.

Bishop Castle
This is a place that tells of a romantic story of a man who built a castle for his bride in the forest. It is definitely worth the tour.


LIFESMILES Won the Title of “Trusted Dental Authority” by the Montrose Star newspaper

LIFESMILES, a group of qualified cosmetic dentists from Houston led by Dr. Randy Mitchmore provides world-class cosmetic dental services to restore patients’ natural and healthy smiles. They have been named as “Trusted Dental Authority” by the Montrose Star newspaper.

Houston, Texas – July 25, 2017 – A great name in the dentistry, LIFESMILES has been specializing in offering innovative and successful dental treatments including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, dental implant surgery, invisalign, and TMJ treatment. They are the only certified top dentist in Houston to perform IV Sedation for any dental procedure from cosmetic dentistry to implant surgery.

Dr. Randy Mitchmore, an experienced and qualified cosmetic dentist from Houston, Texas stated, “Our trained and qualified staff takes pride in providing you with dentistry worth smiling about. That is not just the motto at LIFESMILES, but it is firmly entrenched in the culture here as well. We have been rated as the “Trusted Dental Authority” by the Montrose Star newspaper. Since 2003, our dental practice holds the title of “Top Dentists” by the American Registry annually.”

Dr. Mitchmore specializes in all areas of dentistry including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, dental implant surgery, Invisalign clear braces and TMJ treatment as well. He has also received the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s Presidents Award (AACD).

He also added, “Our team is the heart of our practice. We want every single patient to feel right at home. We go to work each day remembering all this. Also, we are the Only Houston dentist certified to give IV Sedation for any dental procedure. We offer light to deep sedation including general anesthesia when necessary. We only employ advanced dental technology to screen for early signs of periodontal disease, oral cancer, TMJ and even the earliest signs of tooth decay.”

The group of best dentist in Houston uses the latest technology such as intra-oral cameras, the Cavitron®, digital x-rays and Oral CDX Brush Bio® and ViziLite® for oral cancer screening.


Being recognized as the top dentists in Houston, the professionals at LIFESMILES specializes in all areas of dentistry including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, dental implant surgery and more.

Media Contact
Company Name: LIFESMILES
Contact Person: Dr Randy Mitchmore
Phone: (713) 592-9300
Address:1722 West Alabama Street
City: Houston
State: Texas
Country: United States

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The Great Chicken Dentist

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Duration: 00:35 1 day ago

Have a loose tooth that needs to be pulled? Don’t settle for the boring string on a door handle trick! Go see this amazing chicken dentist instead! This cute little boy got the help of his trusty pet chicken to help him pull out his loose tooth with nothing more than a string and some courage!

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