Interesting Facts About Greenwood Village

About half a century ago, the area known as Greenwood Village featured a landscape of dairies, various farms, gravel roads along with a small population of only 500 people. However, in the 50 years to follow much has changed excepting for one thing, that Greenwood Village is still a fantastic areas to call your home. Here are a few interesting facts about Greenwood Village.

•The area now know as Greenwood Village was only first settled in the era of the 1860s when the settlers came from across the countryside in their search for gold.

•The actual name of the Greenwood Ranch was inspiration for how Greenwood Village got its name. The Greenwood Ranch that was run and operated by Cyrus G. Richardson was inclusive of a very big part of what this city is to this day.

•By the time the 1900’s came about orchards of pear, cherries, plums and apricots were really thriving in this area.

•In the era between the 1930s and the 1940s Greenwood Village was a very popular destination for summer vacations for the people that resided in Denver.

•From around 500 people in this town 50 years ago, the population has since grown to over 14,000 people in the year 2010, this figure has stayed around the same for the year 2016.

•Around 41.43% of the population in Greenwood Village has attained Bachelor’s Degrees. The attainment of such a degree is usually one of the most accurate ways in which to compare the education levels from one place to the next.

• The town of Greenwood Village has shown a far higher percentage of individuals that have attained bachelor’s degrees when compared to the areas such as Denver Metro and Arapahoe County which is an indication that this city is very well educated.