The Great Chicken Dentist

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Have a loose tooth that needs to be pulled? Don’t settle for the boring string on a door handle trick! Go see this amazing chicken dentist instead! This cute little boy got the help of his trusty pet chicken to help him pull out his loose tooth with nothing more than a string and some courage!

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Five Qualities Every Good Dentist Should Have

Tooth care is a long-term issue and must consistently be monitored. Choosing the right dentist is important to meet your specific needs and problems.

( — June 20, 2017) — Finding a good dentist locally isn’t an easy chore for many people. In today’s world, there are more specific needs and preferences for every potential patient.

Choosing the right dentist is important for many because tooth care is a long-term issue and must consistently be monitored. You eat and speak with your mouth and life can become difficult if that mouth is suffering from some sort of pain caused by problems with your teeth.

Usually, you want one that is both convenient and has a high professional reputation. However, there are other qualities which you want to think about when picking the right dentist. Often a person chooses based on location, a solid reputation, and whether the person is in their dental plan according to some leading dental sites found online.

While things such as word-of-mouth support, online reviews, and the proximity of a dental office is, sometimes even that shouldn’t be enough when evaluating the right dentist. Other sites suggest that, in addition to understanding your benefits and accessibility, meeting with the dentist should also be involved in the decision. You want to make sure you have a good rapport and comfort level at the dentist’s office.

This leads to other qualities a good dentist’s office should have and here are five such qualities.

1) Strong Conversational Skills

A dentist with good conversation skills can help put a patient at ease. This is particularly helpful with nervous children. Nobody wants to be at the dentist’s office, but a person who is confident and able to put people at ease can make patients feel more comfortable in a dentist’s chair.

2) Passion and Concern

A dentist that shows good passion for his profession is viewed as more trustworthy by clients. They believe that someone who believes in the field and expresses concern for a person can be counted on to provide good service and takes pride in their work.

3) Interest in a Patient’s Health

The mouth is only a small part of a person’s body. A dentist needs to show interest in a patient’s overall health and the oral connection of teeth to the rest of the body. Issues in the mouth can lead to other bodily ailments such as diabetes or heart disease. A good dentist should be worried about more than what is going on in a patient’s mouth.

4) A Helpful and Friendly Staff

Many people, especially children, are nervous about a dentist’s appointment. Before they meet with the dentist themselves, people tend to get a preview of the hospitality from the front desk or the receptionist of the office. A friendly staff that can respond to a patient’s questions and settle issues over payment and insurance with relative comfort can go a long way toward impressing potential customers.

5) An Advanced and Modern Office

People want the best care possible and that means the dentist should try and provide them that. Having the latest dental equipment and technology can help in that regard. A dentist’s office that has advanced equipment such as the latest in digital x-ray technology can help a dentist give his patients better care compared to a generation ago.

And don’t stop with your medical equipment, provide patients with advancement scheduling and appointment services. People find text appointment reminders more convenient that traditional calls, since there is both a visual reminder and a minimized interruption.

Technology can also help you locate a good dentist by actually outsourcing the search. Web sites such as Solution Reach offer services that can pair you with the ideal dentist. For dental practitioners, these sites can allow you to find the ideal patient who desire matches your specific services. In this scenario, it is a case of the ideal patient meeting the ideal dentist.

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The Military Dentist With 150,000 Instagram Followers

Dr. Nicholas Toscano could just as well have been reviewing a fashion week catwalk — “This one’s a model, she’s a model” — rather than looking over his appointments on Tuesday in his dentist office on Central Park South in Manhattan.

Lithe and leggy patients with good bone structure populate his waiting room and the feed of his Instagram account, which lists him as the official dentist to a gaggle of prominent modeling agencies.

His 150,000 followers see a feed that mixes the bloody and the beautiful: a surreal juxtaposition of glamorous models posing with him in his office, next to graphic images of procedures on diseased gums.

“I have probably one of the largest followings for a dentist” on Instagram, said Dr. Toscano, whose post-treatment selfies with supermodel patients go out to their huge followings, making him well known in the fashion world and the go-to dentist for many models.

Standing in his green scrubs outside his examination rooms, he pulled out his phone and showed selfie shout-outs from models such as Abigail Ratchford (7.6 million followers), Mara Teigen (764,000) and Jasmine Tookes (1.5 million).

Dr. Toscano is also a darling of many popular contemporary artists, such as Harif Guzman, who recently posted a selfie with Dr. Toscano with an unprintable shout-out.

“So he writes that, and I might get five more new patients,” Dr. Toscano said.

His fashionista niche is a departure from the 13 years he spent as an active-duty dentist with the Navy, treating patients such as sitting presidents, war-ravaged troops and SEAL teams preparing for covert missions.

Now with patients at the top of the fashion and street art worlds, he can rattle off details about supermodels with the ease of a savvy night-life columnist.

“You talk to people in the chair, small talk, and you pick up stuff,” said Dr. Toscano, who grew up on Long Island and found his calling early, after an orthodontics project for an eighth-grade science fair.

Coming from a Navy family — his father was a member of the SEALs and his brother, Christopher Toscano, is a Navy lawyer working in the Pentagon — Dr. Toscano attended Columbia University School of Dental Medicine on a Navy scholarship. He became a dental officer performing facial reconstructions on severely injured troops, doing dental work-ups on crews preparing for extended submarine deployments and treating special forces entering dangerous missions.

Serving at the Washington Navy Yard and the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Dr. Toscano treated Bill and Hillary Clinton and George W. and Laura Bush, he said, adding that his congressional patients included Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Arlen Specter and Strom Thurmond.

Like war and fashion, politics can also take its toll on teeth, he said. During the 2008 financial crisis, members of Congress would come in with ground down and broken teeth after long, stressful legislative sessions.

With prominent political patients, “you have to stay apolitical,” said Dr. Toscano, who left the military and began private practice in Manhattan in 2009 as a specialist in periodontal work and oral surgery. He treated lesser-known models from smaller agencies for bargain rates.

As a civilian dentist, emergency teeth bleachings during off-hours and other “model emergencies” have become the norm, he said. On Wednesday night, he dashed back to the office to fix a model’s broken tooth before a fashion shoot the next day.

The difference between tending to soldiers and models comes down to, he said, “going off to war versus a shoot in a bikini.”

Still, he said, “It’s different, but it’s the same.”

Other challenges include accommodating models’ unreliable schedules. On Tuesday, Romee Strijd, a Victoria’s Secret model, was due at noon, but had just messaged him on Instagram to cancel for the fourth straight time, because of a last-minute shoot.

“These people hang out on yachts in Cannes with billionaires — they don’t have the same life as we do,” said Dr. Toscano, whose office walls are covered with mementos and commendations from his Navy career, including tributes from presidents and SEAL teams.

They share wall space with provocative pieces from the many street artists he treats, including Jojo Anavim, Tripp Derrick Barnes, Harif Guzman, an artist known as Layer Cake and Bradley Theodore, whose portrait of Karl Lagerfeld hangs in a hallway.

On Tuesday, a model, Cindy Guyer, was in his dentist chair. Another, Meri Gulin, left just as the model and actor Tanz Watson walked in.

Mr. Watson said he had referred several models to Dr. Toscano.

Dr. Toscano called the military good preparation for treating New York City’s modeling elite.

“Serving during a war, you put a lot in perspective, and that’s one reason many models and celebrity types come to me,” he said. “Because I don’t get caught up in the New York nonsense and all the hubbub.”

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Vr: See a Daring Dentist Help a Tiger with a Toothache

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A rescued 300-pound tiger needs a root canal. Step into the operation room with tiger vet Dr. Justin Boorstein for a fascinating look inside a tiger’s mouth in virtual reality. USA TODAY NETWORK

If you think dental work on humans is complicated – imagine treating a 300-pound tiger with teeth seven inches long.

Meet Priya, a 14-year-old tiger rescued from a roadside zoo in Colorado. When her new caretakers at Big Cat Rescue noticed that she had a few infected teeth, they called up tiger vet Dr. Justin Boorstein for help.

Dr. Boorstein might look calm during the procedure, but he claims that it’s always stressful to work with big cats. The biggest risk is not knowing how they will react to anesthesia. Even after sedating around 100 big cats, Dr. Boorstein’s uncertainty remains.

Tag along with Priya on her trip to the dentist with VRtually There in the video below.

Rotten teeth like Priya’s are often the result of a lack of calcium-rich milk as a cub. Priya spent most of her life in a facility where she was used for breeding. In the wild, mother tigers will raise their cubs for as long as two years, which means they only produce a litter naturally every three years. In captivity, some cubs are separated from their mother when they are only days old so the tiger can be bred again quickly. The cubs are then sold to zoos or other venues that charge visitors for the opportunity to take photographs with them or pet them.

Priya’s story is one of many that demonstrates the need for organizations like Big Cat Rescue, an animal sanctuary in Tampa, Florida. The sanctuary is home to formerly neglected and mistreated tigers, lions, cougars, bobcats, and leopards. It provides naturalistic enclosures for all its exotic feline residents.

For the ideal experience, view in 360 degrees on your mobile phone or in VR headsets such as Google cardboard or Daydream. Subscribe to VRtually There on YouTube and browse the “Virtual Reality” section of the USA TODAY app (iOS | Android) to catch three new episodes every week.

And whatever you do, don’t forget to look around.

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Searching For General Dentistry Greenwood Village?

Searching For General Dentistry Greenwood Village?

If you are searching for general dentistry Greenwood Village, there are many things to consider before picking the right dentist for your family. Ideally, general dentistry would focus on routine services and preventive maintenance. Their services will help prevent tooth decay, gum diseases, and other oral health problems in the long run. But you should be cautious when picking the right general dentist in the area since there are too many dentists operating out there. This article provides information on what you should consider when searching for general dentistry Greenwood Village. Continue reading “Searching For General Dentistry Greenwood Village?”